Today, the world is fiercely competing for the hegemony of the oceans

because the competitiveness of the oceans is national competitiveness.
However, even though Korea is the world's No. 1 technology and cutting-edge IT powerhouse in the shipbuilding sector, but its technological development in the marine sector is on the verge of progress.

The sea is our food base of the future, and the sea route is the lifeline of our country. So technological development is essential in the ocean including safety navigation.
So, We think that the development of marine IT technology is what someone should do. We have been continuously doing research and development from its establishment, as a result, we have had many achievements in marine IT sector.

We surely promise that we will do our best to unite all our employees to become the salt in various applications of sea and land through the development of future-oriented new technologies

Thank you very much.