NO GPS! NO Sensor!

The DIGITAL SEXTANT is the world's first developed navigation equipment by LEEYOUNG SND
and it can be used to calculate and identify the ship’s position by installing electronic device on the conventional Sextant.
The electronic device is the new technology developed to enable a navigation officer
to calculate and identify the ship’s position rapidly and conveniently through the embedded
computing function that automatically processes all necessary procedures to calculate and identify ship’s position,
such as the correction and calculation of Nautical Almanac, drawing LOP, etc.
The DIGITAL SEXTANT can be used very effectively as the auxiliary equipment of the existing GPS navigation system
in an emergency that guarantees the safe navigation by quickly calculating and identifying the ship’s position,
observing 57 celestial bodies, such as the sun, moon, polar star, etc when the failure or malfunction of the
existing GPS navigation system occurs due to Jamming or other radio disturbances during ship’s voyage.

Major Features
  • Ship’s current position can be identified by observing the sun, moon, polar star and solar system planets including Selected 57 Navigational Stars
  • The electronic device of DIGITAL SEXTANT has the computing function to process the Nautical Almanac information
  • The electronic device reflects the geographical position calculation algorithm
  • Exact time keeping available by an embedded Real-Time Clock
  • Convenient charging available via Micro-USB port
  • Continuous operation for above 7 hours is possible through a single full charge(The operation will be available for approx. above one month when selecting two times Sighting mode per day)
  • Even a beginner of astronomical navigation can conveniently calculate the ship’s position
  • Provide a detachable sunscreen for LCD display
  • Provide a high performance shielding case for electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP attack) (as an option)
  • Embedded position calculation data automatic storage & Log printing features to effectively cope with Vessel Inspection accoding to OCIMF's regulation
  • Oil Tankers, LNG Tankers, LPG Tankers, Chemical Tankers under OCIMF’s regulation
  • IMO & Non-IMO Ships
  • Naval Ships, Coast Guard Ships, Government Ships
  • School Training Ships, Lifeboats of Ships
  • Leisure Yachts and Boats, etc
Main Components
  • Digital Sextant
  • EMP Shielding Case (as an option)
Main Performance & Specification
Section Performance & Specification Remarks
Mechanical Device Telescope 3.5 × 40
Measurement Range -10º ~ 130º
Electronic Device Display 2.8 inch LCD Resolution : 320*240
Memory 1 Mbyte
SRAM 192 Kbytes
Power Supply DC 5V, 1 A Micro USB Port 5 pin
Position Calculation Time 1 sec
Product Weight 1.9 ㎏
EMP Shielding Case 100kW Shielding IEEE Std 200 Standard Test (KOLAS Certification Test Completion)
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